The quality of the working process at Revotec.

Thanks to our working protocol we are in a position to supply qualified high level assistance for overhauling, complete or partial, of automatic machines and also for improving and updating production lines in order to optimize the present productivity.

The mechanical and electrical overhauling of automatic machines is effected by means of defined and coordinated working processes. The various activities: mechanical, electrical, automation, documentation and service are synergistically governed according to the continuous verification of the state of work progress.

The whole production process is shared with the customer, who has full insight to all phases of the work. Every machine is tested directly within our factory, simulating working conditions. The objective is to return the machine as new, capable of increasing the productivity.

Guarantee and technical assistance complete our turnkey service.

Our advantages

Each machine will be thoroughly stripped down part for part, cleaned, repainted and reassembled on our premises in order to be able to check every function.

Each machine will be supplied with a new switch cupboard, a new operator panel and a new automation platform of the latest generation.

The machine will be subject to FAT and SAT acceptance tests by the customer according to a previously agreed protocol.

For every machine with a new control cabinet a risk analysis will be made as well as a valuation of the CE- conformity and a new CE-certification.

The customer is guaranteed that original size parts and possible upgrades will be applied.

Each machine receives a guarantee based on working hours and time.

Every overhauled machine will be installed at the customer’s plant by a qualified and experienced team of technicians.

We are highly competitive with the hourly costs due our slim and efficient company structure.

Every phase of the work is monitored and the customer kept informed.